Tools and Technologies We Use

When moving applications to different environments, delivering from one device to another, from a PC to cloud center services, there is always a problem of reliable operation. We use proven technologies to keep applications running smoothly.

Cloud services

Amazon AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and other…

Cloud providers are companies that offer cloud computing services to individuals and businesses. They provide virtual infrastructure, platforms, and software that can be accessed remotely over the internet.

Data visualization

Power BI, SQL Server, Tableau, and other…

Data visualization refers to the graphical representation of data and information to help people better understand and analyze complex data sets. It involves the use of charts, graphs, maps, and other visual tools to present information in a way that is easily digestible and meaningful.

Data Warehouse

Azure, postgresql, Teradata, and other…

Data warehouse tools and technologies are software systems designed to support the creation, maintenance, and management of data warehouses.

Data integration

Kafka, SQl Server, Oracle Data and other...

Data integration tools and technologies are used to extract data from various sources and integrate it into a unified system or data warehouse for analysis and decision-making purposes.

Cloud data storage

Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob, and other…

Cloud data storage refers to the storage of data on remote servers accessed over the internet. The data can be stored in various formats, such as files, images, videos, or databases.

We Provide Full-fledged Data Migration Services

Deriving the greatest value from data is the key to success, and this is precisely what Appinventiv delivers through its rich pool of services.

Software Migration Services refers to the process of transferring or updating software applications and data from one system to another.

Our team of experienced web developers provides secure website migration services for our clients. You can be confident that your data will be handled with care and kept safe during the migration process to the destination server.

CloudVenture, Solutions is your all-in-one solution for migrating your assets to public, private, or hybrid platforms. Our cloud-based data migration services offer both cloud-to-cloud and on-premise solutions.

We provide seamless database migration services to ensure the safe transfer of all your important data. With CTS, you can be assured that none of your valuable information will be lost.

If you are seeking skilled professionals to provide exceptional Enterprise Platform Migration solutions with manual and automated processes such as cleansing, extraction, testing, implementation, and more, look no further than CTS. Connect with us today.

Server migration services can be complex and challenging, but they are essential to keep your business running smoothly. A professional service provider can help you navigate the process and ensure a successful migration with minimal downtime and disruption.