Tools and Technologies We Use

Let us help you optimize your business success with an arsenal of well-proven tools and technologies.

Cloud Providers

Amazon AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and other…

The value of use lies in providing affordable and scalable access to services and IT computing resources. Your company gains access to services such as infrastructure, platforms and software.

Containers & Orchestration

Docker, Compose, and other…

These tools help streamline operations and reduce business costs, automate deployment, network impact, and improve security. It is planned to work on the basis of microservices in several clusters.


Jenkins, CitLab, GitHub, Teamcity, CircleCI, and other…

Helps to productively and fast deliver software. These tools will help alleviate and greatly speed up the process of getting projects to market. Provides a continuous flow of new functionality and supply code to production.

Configuration management

Ansible, Chef, Puppet and other...

These management tools help keep working computer systems, software, and servers in good working order. The process is necessary to make sure that the system works as supposed, taking into account modifications and updates.

Data Base

MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon Aurora, PostgresSQL, and other…

The value of tools is in creating the possibility of storing and accessing information. There is a systematic collection of data, they can be analyzed and their safety complies with all security policies.


Prometheus, Datadog, Sentry, Grafana, PagerDuty, and other…

These processes permit your company to use an organized system for assembling, analyzing and utilizing information to monitor program development for management solution making.

Infrastructure provisioning

Terraform, Pulumi, AWS CloudFormation and other…

This setting helps to create, apply, administrate and automate infrastructure. These tools are needed when managing access to information and resources. This process is not a configuration step, but they are both necessary deployment steps.


RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, and other…

It will allow the synchronization of data between nodes and restore their states. Distributed database management, handles large amounts of information, and provides high availability without fail. Uses caching models.

Cloud Migration Consulting Offerings

With a well-planned strategic roadmap, migrating workloads to the cloud can be a successful undertaking for organizations. Our cloud migration services aim to minimize risk and leverage industry best practices to guide you through every phase of the migration process.

    Cloud Migration Strategy

    Our experienced consultants collaborate closely with your organization to conduct a thorough review of your IT infrastructure and offer expert recommendations for cloud migration. Starting with an evaluation of your existing infrastructure and software, we determine the best system and cloud service provider for your business needs.

    We identify and prioritize the applications and infrastructure to be migrated while analyzing potential challenges and risks, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

    Application Migration

    In situations where legacy infrastructure is hindering the performance of applications, we offer services to improve application performance through workload migration to the cloud. Our cloud migration process leverages either proprietary or third-party tools to automate the migration.

    We design a migration strategy that considers both the application owner and end users to ensure that both parties benefit equally from the application migration to the cloud.

    Database Migration

    Our team of experienced professionals has successfully executed end-to-end data migrations for numerous databases while ensuring the integrity of the data and its structure. We make sure that the source database remains fully accessible during the transition to avoid any downtime that may affect business processes.

    In addition to strict compliance with industry standards for ETL and our time-proven expertise, we also offer live support and 24/7 assistance. Our team has helped clients from various industries migrate both homogeneous and heterogeneous databases to the cloud.

    Infrastructure Migration

    Our team has successfully completed migration projects ranging from shifting entire infrastructure to the cloud to migrating from on-premises to cloud and from one cloud platform to another.

    We have extensive experience working with leading cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

    Platform Migration

    We provide a complete range of platform migration services, which includes assessing the feasibility of new platforms and testing for live loads. We create a long-term plan that focuses on minimizing future migration requirements based on your business needs.

    As a trusted IT partner for some of the world's largest brands, we have a full stack of technology and tools to address every unique platform migration need.

Our Cloud Partnerships

The most successful cloud solution services are enabled through a network of expert partners. Here are some of our strategic partners that we work with.


Regardless of your industry, we can accelerate your design and migration to the AWS Cloud by utilizing top-notch tools and an agile approach.


Our team can assist your organization in achieving faster innovation for your products and services, while leveraging the expanding range of features and services offered by Azure with ease.

GCP Services

We can assist your organization in maximizing the potential of GCP, from utilizing AI-enabled products to improving cross-functional collaboration.

Why Choose Cloudventure for the Cloud Migration Services?

Your organization can benefit from our extensive experience in Cloud migration consulting. We specialize in efficiently migrating workloads to the Cloud, resulting in improved agility, cost savings, and enhanced business value.

Clear communication

We prioritize efficient communication within and between teams to ensure that there are no loose ends for you. Our team members are proficient in multiple languages, so you can always be on the same page as our developers.

Scalable team

With our extremely flexible team at your disposal, make your business success-ready without cutting corners. We are capable of scaling big and small enough to care, enabling you to expand your business without any limitations.

Complete control

We empower you to stay in control of your project from conceptualization to delivery and maintenance. Our team takes on the project responsibilities while ensuring you stay in the driver's seat.

Intrinsically agile

Our intrinsically agile approach helps your business stay ahead of evolving market trends and customer expectations. We provide the flexibility to pivot strategies at will, ensuring your success in a rapidly changing business landscape.

Transparent conduct

Our transparent and accessible approach will make you feel like we are an extended part of your team. We provide periodic reports, access to tools, and nurture a culture of transparency to keep you up-to-date with all developments.

End-to-end services

You can entrust us with the complete software development life cycle, from designing, developing, testing, to maintaining and providing support for any service, such as custom software, cloud solutions, mobile applications, and web apps.

Redefine your application development with cloud migration consulting

Create an innovation-rich development environment for your teams! Combine scalability, resilience, and multi-cloud capability with continuous deployment/continuous delivery to get the best of both worlds.


CloudVenture Guarantee

Flexible, efficient scaling

Expand or reduce your remote team size on demand.

Team of 1000+ engineers

Access vetted experts in the tech stack of your choice.

Long-term predictability

CloudVenture average engagement duration is 2 years.

Cloud Application Development Benefits

lightweight applications

Increased data security

Reduce time and costs

Quick updates and deployments

Multi-Platform Testing


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Work For Any Industry

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Machine learning






Frequently answered questions (FAQs)

We are a leading Cloud migration company with years of proven expertise in migration. Our cloud migration assessment experts assess the technology framework, business logic, and man-hour requirement for application re-engineering projects. Thereafter, we will provide the estimations accordingly

Depending on the project scope- data complexity, legacy application, or mission-critical workload, the project duration can vary from a few weeks to a few months. Damco, being one of the leading Cloud migration companies, commits to deliver projects timely with the highest quality standards.

Sure, we can. Under Cloud migration consulting, we assist organizations in selecting the right Cloud ecosystem for their IT needs- cost-efficient, future-ready, and fitting perfectly for the process goals while meeting the business objectives.

The cost of availing the migration to Cloud services for cloud database migration or cloud server migration depends on the project scope, engagement model, tech stack, man-hours required, business objective, and other related factors. Get in touch with experts to get a ballpark estimate on on-premise to cloud migration.


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